Install Magisk v22 Without Any Error | Magisk v22 Installation Latest

 Install Magisk v22 Without Any Error | Magisk v22 Installation Latest

So magisk is the one and only efficient rooting solution out there in the Android world has just got better with its V22.0 update.So here's a guide that will help you guys to install magisk without Any hassle and problems.

Prerequisites -

1.Unlocked Bootloader.

2.Fastboot or recovery Rom of your device or Custom ROM file You are using.

3.Backup of your device in case things go south.

Here we gonna Tell you about 2 different ways to install magisk.

1.Boot.img patching

2.Recovery Method


1.I assume that you have all the above mentioned things ready. Extract the boot.img from the rom file by unziping the rom file you will find the boot.img in there after that just copy it to a safe place. 


2.Install magisk manager app (DOWNLOAD HERE) or if you already have magisk then open it and then from there Click on update Magisk option will appear like 'Select a patch file' (Make Sure Recovery Mode has a Tick),So here we are patching boot.img so click on the 'Select a patch file' option. Then the file manager will open, select the boot.img (Remember to use the boot.img of the same rom and same version which you are using for e.g If you are using evoX or any other rom use The boot.img of the respective rom and don't try to use boot.img of any other rom on the other ones boot.img are rom and device specific) file and tap ok.

3.Wait till Magisk patches the boot.img file.After the patching completes the file will be in the Storage/download or in the Storage/Magisk.

Now If your Phone has a custom Recovery like TWRP/Orange FOx.. you can flash this Magisk Patched Boot.img file using it just by clicking on the image file and select as boot so that it will install in boot Partition.


OR You can Use the Bugjayegar APP if You Don't Have PC or Custom Recovery in Your Phone.

4.Turn on 'USB DEBUGGING' in the developer options of the phone if you can't find developer options then go to about phone and tap on build number 5 to 6 times it will be available then.

5.Connect your phone to your PC using a USB data cable.Open the CMD or Command prompt in your computer. (Also Can Use bugjaeger app )

6.Reboot to Fastboot or to the bootloader Mode of your phone you can use this command.

adb reboot bootloader

(Bootloader of your device must be unlocked 🔓)

Now flash that patched file using this

fastboot flash boot Magiskpatched.img file Press Enter

(or just drag and drop the patched boot.img from the adb folder)

Now you can reboot 

fastboot reboot

Now you are good to go use the magisk app for managing root permissions.


1.Its rather an easy method as compared to the above one.

2.Download the Magisk zip or apk (if apk then just change the extension or rename it to

3 Reboot to recovery of your device and then select the and flash it.


5.Now you are ready to use magisk root and yes always remember that flash magisk only after the 1st Boot of the rom.

By- Vshrupt Modi

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