3 Best Magisk Module You should Try in [2022]

Top 3 Magisk Modules you should try in May 2022.

Magisk, as we all know is a complete & apparently the only package to root your device these days, super su is officially dead now. And magisk not only just gives us root privileges but also gives us the ability to tinker with our device with the help of various modules that can modify the looks of our OS or boost our phone's performance or even add some features to our device by just flashing the module files which is pretty easy if we see the installer's side. So, today we will talk about 3 great magisk modules which we can use on our rooted device and take the experience to a next level.

1. The Pixelated launcher

There are so many Launcher mods to install systemlessly via magisk, like the systemless oneplus launcher, or the lawnchair launcher, or there is a version of One-UI launcher out there as well, then comes the very famous Google's very own pixel launcher, but, even though pixel launcher brings the stock android experience with it, but it still lacks somewhere, now the best answer to where it lacks would be customizations. This is exactly where the pixelated launcher comes in, This is a launcher made by the same developer who makes a shady launcher that is used as the default launcher in many custom roms like HavocOS and Superior OS. You can find the latest builds of the pixelated launcher here
The pixelated launcher comes with loads of customization options and tweaks while maintaining the Pixel-ish looks. Do give it a try. 

Here are a few screenshots of the Pixelated launcher.

2. Project Themer [ Android 12 ]

Project themer is an Android mod package that consists of an app and a magisk module, and once you install, these two, This module can single-handedly change the looks of your quick settings panel, with so many different styles and layouts to choose from. The app is paid on the play store though, You can check out the app here. Give it a try, it will give your phone a new look. Don't use this on android versions lower than Android 12.

here are a few screenshots of  The project themer app. do try it out once, it is one of the best magisk modules available out there for android 12 and above.

3. Magisk bootloop saver

Bootloops, a very big problem faced by every android enthusiast at least once in their lifetime. And sometimes bootloops can even result in you completely reflashing the rom cause you cannot get into the system. Well, not anymore, The magisk boot loop saver module gives you the freedom to flash any magisk module without worrying about bootloops, what it does is that if a module causes a bootloop then it reverts the changes that the module did in order to get out of that bootloop. It works just like timeshift works on Linux, or a restore point in windows. If you are someone who likes to play around with magisk modules a lot then this one is a must-have. Check out the official GitHub page of the Magisk bootloop saver here.

This concludes our collection of the three best magisk modules you should try in May 2022.
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