Customize Your Android Phone Like a Pro

Customize Your Android Phone Like a Pro | Best Customization Apps In Android


Android has always been better when it comes to customization, the amount of customization that Android offers at different levels is just insane when compare with other mobile operating systems out there in the market like Apple's IOS or Other Mobile-based OS like ubuntu touch or Debian based 'Mobian'. We can alter our android to make it look and behave like whatever we want, all we need is a few applications and tools which we can easily find on the internet. So, let's start our android customization journey without any further delay.

Where to start?

So, you decided to give your android a new look, but you don't know where to start? don't worry we are here. we will go by layers, explaining each and every step as we proceed. So, let's start with the most basic but the first thing anyone will notice when they check out your phone...

The Wallpaper

Wallpaper is the most visible part of your home screen setup, and wallpaper plays a very important role in giving your phone a particular type of look. Like if you need a funky home screen you'll go with colorful neon wallpapers, whereas if you need a minimal home screen setup you'll need a simple wallpaper with a very less amount of clutter and a simple look. There are so many apps on the android play store that provides a variety of wallpapers, few of them are...
check out these apps to find the wallpaper that matches your style. Done that? 
Now that you found the best wallpaper for yourself, Now let's move on to the next level which is ...

The Launcher

Launchers are the most important part of your home screen setup. what's a launcher? you might ask...
A launcher, as the name suggests, is an application/tool that helps your android to sort and launch applications present on your phone. The launcher app that comes by default with your phone is not so customizable. So, what we will do to add customization functionality to the phone is use a third-party launcher app. 
NOVA Launcher
Smart launcher
try anyone out of these three launchers and find your perfect fit according to your needs,
Now that we are done changing our launcher, Our phone is almost ready to have the revamp it needed.
just before we step into setups, Let me introduce you to Custom widgets and icons as well.
Now some of you guys might already know about KWGT and custom icon packs but still, to those who don't know...KWGT is an application that allows us to use widgets that are not only functional but have great looks as well unlike basic widgets that comes with usual apps, custom Icon packs change the way your icons look by changing them with more intriguing design and a variety.
Now that we know what we need in order to make our android Homescreen look good, Let's move on to the part that all of you were waiting for...

The setups

To get a complete setup up and running on our home screen we can either, go and make custom widgets then set up everything manually which is not everyone's cup of tea because it is complicated as well as time-consuming. So, How do we set up our home screen? We can use pre-built setups and then give them a few edits according to our needs in order to make them our own. Where to find the setups? 
Here are a few apps that we can use to find home screen setups, 

1) True picks

credits:- Truepicks 

2) Pallette

credits:- palette

These apps can be used to find very cool home screen setups as well as all the resources used to make those setups, which makes it very easy to set up our home screen, take a look at them, find what matches your taste edit them according to your needs and BOOM, your setup is ready.

Comment down your experience with mobile customizations and also show us your home screen setups in the comment section, follow us on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube for more tech-related news and updates, we will be back with some interesting tech articles, until then, STAY TUNED, STAY SAFE!

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