Official Android 13 Beta 3 OUT : All Changes and Improvements !

Official Android 13 Beta 3 OUT : All Changes and Improvements !

Android 13 Beta 3 : Stable Enough yet?

Google has officially released the third beta of Android 13 & now it has officially reached the platform stability as well. What's platform stability? Platform stability means the Developer APIs and how the apps and features behave are final. From here until the final stable release of Android 13, developers will work on app compatibility and polishing overall UI/UX performance.

Android 13 release timeline.                                                                                      Source: Google

Now that the third beta is out on time, we might get the final stable version of Android 13 around the month of August. 
Now that most of the features are final and we are not going to see any further big changes in the final build of Android 13, this is the best time, to sum up, all the features that we are going to get in the final build. Take a look at the features of Android 13 Beta 1 & Android 13 Beta 2 here.
Now that you know what were the changes in Android 13 beta 1 & beta 2, let's jump on to the final changes that google made in Android 13 beta 3 without any further ado.

The New Navbar Design.

Android 13 Beta 2                                                                                                  source: 9to5Google

Android 13 Beta 3                                                                                                 source: 9to5Google

In the above images, You can clearly see the difference between the navigation bar of Android 13 Beta 2 & Beta 3. This is the first time Google made some changes to Android's navigation bar since the release of it with Android 10. Not a very significant change for regular Android users as some might have already used to the thicker Nav bar if they use Custom roms, but this will make a difference for people switching from iOS to Android as iOS always had a thicker nav bar so someone switching from iOS to android might find this small change useful.

Yet Another Media Player Update

Source: 9to5Google

The obsession Google has with media players continues in this build as well. The fast-forward icons and other elements that were a bit out of place in the last beta build are rectified and are smaller than the ones in beta 2. Do you think this will change once again in beta 4 or this one is going to be the final one? Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

Universal Search made a comeback

Source: 9to5Google

The universal search was one of the key features that went missing in Android 13 Beta 2. Now it's back with the third Beta build of Android 13, and is now better.
For those who don't know what universal search is, its a launcher feature that lets users search the whole system directly from the app drawer search bar. And by whole system I mean Contacts, Apps, Files, and even web results all at once. And with the Beta 3 it got better as now you can specifically search for a term separately in apps like Google, Youtube, Maps etc.

New Fingerprint Registration UI

Source: 9to5Google

With the third beta of Android 13 the fingerprint enrollment screen now give you more obvious instructions on finger placement and edge detection, and that too with the help of animations instead of text that we get in Android 12 and earlier. this change might done to make the fingerprint experience of upcoming pixel devices like Pixel 6a & Pixel 7 series more seamless and faster than before. but as the Android 13 gets more stable this might come to the older devices with in display biometric sensor like Pixel 6 series aswell.


These are all the changes you are going to see in the final build of Android 13 along with some more minor features like the rumoured 3D Wallpaper Engine and the revamped Profile Switching UI as well.
This concludes our article about Android 13 Beta 3. Do check out our Android 13 Beta 1 & Beta 2 articles via the mentioned link in the article. Follow us on YoutubeTwitter & Instagram. We will be back with more interesting tech news & articles, until then stay tuned.

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