5 Best Custom ROMs To Install For Gaming & Daily Usage

5 Best Custom ROMs To Install For Gaming & Daily Usage

Some of you might already know what is a custom rom. And for those who don't know about it, Custom roms are basically a custom android skin based on AOSP and are created by individual developers. It is similar to the custom UI skins that Manufacturers like Xiaomi, oppo, Oneplus, and Samsung.

Custom roms are very popular in the Android community, and if you are someone who has even a slight interest in Android and stuffs you probably already have used it once, or you want to try using a custom rom.

Today we are going to give you a list of the best custom roms, out of which you can flash one depending on your use case.

The Roms which we are going to discuss in this article are:

  • Corvus OS
  • Nusantara OS
  • project Exilir
  • Octavi OS
  • Ancient OS

So, let's start the list with one of the most popular OS out there, CORVUS OS.

1. Corvus OS

Corvus OS is one of the most popular Custom Roms out there, It's known as a Gaming ROM, and it completely justifies its name by providing not only good optimization for most of the devices but also loads of customization. This rom is for those who are bored with their stock UI and want some refreshing and customizable interface with good optimization and a smooth gaming experience.

You can find this rom for your device by visiting the official website, which is www.corvusrom.com/. Corvus is one of the best roms overall.
Below are some screenshots of how the UI of the latest Android 12 Corvus OS looks:

2. Nusantara OS

Nusantara is also a very popular Custom rom in the android community, it is also known as a gaming Rom, and is majorly known for its customizability, and theming. Nusantara is also one of those roms which have a very heavy layer of customization but still provides great optimization and snappy performance. You should try this one if you're looking for a stable Rom which also looks good. You can find out the latest build for your device by going to nusantararom.org. Nusantara is the best custom Rom when it comes to customizability and theming.

Below are some images of how the UI looks:

3. Project Exilir

Project exilir is a new Custom rom and unlike the above two this is not a gaming rom, nor does it come with a heavy customization layer, This is a daily driver rom with basic customization, and it focuses more on stability. This rom is for those who just want a lightweight stable system, with minimal customization, and a cleaner look. You can find its latest build by going to projectelixiros.com/home.
Project exilir is one of the best pixel-ish Rom and a big competitor for the Pixel experience.

Below are the screenshots of the UI:

4. Octavi OS

Octavi OS is a well-known name in the android community, it is one of the most stable roms out there.
this rom was heavily inspired by Oxygen OS in the android 11 version and with the Android 12 update it is now a stock-inspired rom with a few customizations and tweaks, but the biggest selling point of this rom is its UI design and fluid animations. Octavi is one of the most stable roms, which comes with such customizability.
This rom is for those people who want a good-looking ROM with little customization but stability and a stock-inspired but a different look. You can check this rom out by going on, octavi-os.com/.

Below are a few screenshots of how the UI looks:

5. Ancient OS.

This is a rom completely focused on Customizations and looks. Ancient's One UI-inspired looks and the AOSP base give it a stable performance, but this one can be heavy for your device if it has less RAM or runs on low memory. Ancient OS is one of the best Custom rom out there in terms of customizability and The weeb version of Ancient OS is just awesome in terms of theming. The Anime version of this ROM has the best UI experience.
 you can download the latest one here https://uatodev.github.io/.

Below are the screenshots of the UI:

This concludes our list of the Best custom roms you should try in June 2022. We will bring you more custom rom & android related articles, Until then follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well. We will be back with more interesting technology-related articles, until then STAY SAFE!


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