5 Free Useful Websites That Will Blow Your Mind [MUST VISIT]

5 Best Free Websites, 5 Best Free Productive Websites

5 Amazing Websites that will Blow your Mind.

Nowadays, Everybody has access to the Internet. And in this infinite sea of information, don't you feel a bit lost sometimes? Well, not making it any more confusing, Today we are going to look at 5 Amazing websites that you might not know you needed. These websites are a mixture of practical problem solving and fun. Let's Begin with the list.

1. Photopea

The first one on our list is PhotoPeaThis is a Free Online Tool that offers if not all then some significant features of Adobe Photoshop with a Lookalike appearance, and a Convenient easy-to-use interface. Editing your Photos here will be as easy as any other software. Upload the image, do all the editing, and hit the export button to download the processed image, just as easy as that.

2. Wolfarmalpha

How many of you guys have been stuck on complicated Mathematical Equations? Almost all of us right? We all have been there. But what if I tell you that you don't need to go find the solution in YouTube videos or surf through 100s of websites? Well, yes. It is just as true as it sounds. 
WolframAlpha does all the work for you, Be it any Mathematical equation, from any grade, from any topic. Select the category, type out your question, and it will solve it for you. Not only Mathematics but subjects like Physics, Chemistry, History, finance, and much more.
Websites like this can be very helpful to students, and people who work in particular professional fields.

3. TinyWow

There are so many times when we find ourselves in a weird situation where we have the contents but the file type is different. And Keeping software to change file types for every type of file is quite a hassle, don't you think?
Well, Not anymore. Tinywow is a free web utility that supports almost all kinds of files to convert from one file type to another. The usage is really simple as well, Just click the type of file you want to convert and it will give you loads of options to choose from different types of extensions. Just select the desired one and hit enter, The utility will do its job and convert the file into the desired extension.
Not only this, TinyWow offers much more than just file conversion. It can generate QRs for links, can track Shortened links, and much more. It's a must-have for everyone, whether you're a student, Someone who works with graphics and images, or a working professional who has to deal with a lot of PPTs. It's a necessity for anyone and everyone.


The name sounds weird, I know. But the website is super useful for any person who does online shopping. What CamelCamelCamel does is it can track the prices of the items in your wishlist and can notify you when the item's price hits a certain range. All you need to do is Log into the website, provide the link of the item you want to track, and set the notifiable price range. And just forget about it, camelcamelcamel will do its work and it will notify you when the item fits your budget. This tool can not only save your money but your precious time as well that you would have wasted on checking the price every now and then otherwise.

5. Notion.

Notion is one of the most popular and broadly used productivity tools at present time. If you don't know what Notion is, Let me tell you. Notion is a one-stop solution for all your productivity needs. From utilities like to-do lists to advanced tools like automatic progress tracker and 3rd party integration of web services, Notion does it all. But Notion won't do all this on its own. You'll need to set up your own notion just the way you want. Though it's not that complicated, it's fairly hard for a beginner to create a practical template that looks good on its own. Well, it's nothing to worry about, there are a lot of notion templates available for free on the internet, all you need to do is find one that suits your workflow, copy that template to your Notion and customize it the way you want.
It might take some time to adapt to Notion, but once you do there's no going back.

This concludes our Top 5 Amazing websites, do let us know in the comments which website you are going to use the most, and if there's any service or tool you want to know about in the future and we will make sure to provide you the content. Stay tuned for more tech updates, we will be back  Until then follow us on TwitterInstagram, and YouTube as well.

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