5 New Upcoming Technologies that will Change the World

5 New Upcoming Technologies that will Change the World, future tech, upcoming future tech

New Technologies that might just be the next BIG THING

Currently, we are most probably more surrounded by tech than ever before, with new inventions, and innovations, every day. But somehow it still is boring for us right? same screen, apps, and services daily, around the clock 365 days. But hey! there are a few bits of technology that can turn boredom into excitement. From gaming environment simulators to all screen fingerprint sensors to automated drones to whatnots. Today we are going to look at some of these very interesting pieces of technology. So, without further ado, Let's get started.


Drones fascinate us right? Small flying objects capturing beautiful shots. But flying a drone is a hard job, one wrong move on the controller and you might lose the drone forever, or maybe break it to such an extent that it can never fly again. Well, not anymore it seems. Skydio is working on a fully autonomous drone, that can fly by itself, and stay in range by tracking its user using their GPS coordinate. And to control it you might have a controller or an app on your mobile phone, but the fear of losing it will be a tale of old time.


Ever played games on your computer? Doesn't it feel a bit incomplete? The visuals on the screen, control in your hands, but what about the environment? Immersed in the game, completely focused, and yet you are sitting on your couch, feeling nothing. Well not anymore, Vortx is a gaming environment simulator that can mimic the environment in which you are in the game. Like if you're on a mission in snowy mountains, it will throw at you a cold breeze that will make you feel the surrounding of the location in which you are, if there's an explosion, it will throw at you a wave of heat to simulate the heat from the explosion. Now imagine using this device while Gaming in VR. you are completely into the environment, and you're feeling every bit of the game in real life, the visuals, the sounds, the environment. That's what we call complete immersion.

Google's AR Glasses.

You might have seen this in science fiction and superhero movies where the character has a glass that has an inbuilt screen and tracking device, GPS, and whatnot. The best example is Iron Man. We all remember Tony stark using Jarvis through his helmet which uses some kind of holographic technology to project a screen inside his helmet. Well, can't say about the helmet, but the holographic screen built inside our glasses seems really close now. With Google's Glass project, For now, it's limited to industry usage, but in near future, Google might release it for us with more features and might use the Soli chip to make its workflow faster. What is the Soli chip?  you might ask, Well check out our article on the Soli chip that explains its functioning in detail.

All Screen Fingerprint sensors.

Xiaomi has patented a technology, that apparently can read your fingerprint from anywhere on the screen. If this technology comes to life, Imagine how convenient it would be for us to interact with security software that needs us to verify fingerprints before a transaction or a change in system settings. 
No hassle of finding the right spot for verifying the fingerprint, nor to worry about alignment. 
This Kind of technology can not only help in smartphones but in electric cars, industry locks, and much more. 

Electronic cars.

Electronic cars are going to be one of the biggest innovations of the next few decades. With tesla leading the market, there are a lot of other brands stepping into the game now. These companies include big names like Porsche, and BMW, if we talk about India then Tata is leading the EV industry. 
While being ecologically sustainable, it also will be much cheaper, as it does not rely on petroleum. 
Along with these Mainstream automobile brands, there are some big tech giants planning to step into the EV market as well. The names include Xiaomi which has already announced 4 different EV models.
Google, which will be a self-driving two-seater car, Apple's involvement in the EV industry is no secret.
It is working on its own autonomous car tech, that will work on electric propulsion.
But all these will take some more time before we can see them in action. As EVs will need their own charging station networks, and service network to get established before they can be used by normal people.
Let's wait and watch how this EV revolution turns out.

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