Project Renegade: Play PC games on your Mobile phones, NATIVELY !

Project Renegade: Play PC games on your Mobile phones, NATIVELY!

Who does not likes to play games? Well, there might be a few exceptions but most of us do enjoy the thrilling experience that gaming gives us right?
We all have played one video game or other, some on PC, some on Mobile phones, and Some on even consoles. But not all of us have had the joy of enjoying PC or Console games as they might get out of our budget right? But we all can collectively agree on one thing, that is PC games always had an upper hand in terms of both Graphics and the Immersive experience that it provides. We all wish we had Super powerful Gaming PCs to enjoy the AAA titles, but for most of us, it's not possible yet to buy a gaming beast. Well, seems like this problem already has a solution, but just a bit underdeveloped.
The name of the solution is 'Project Renegade'.

What is Project Renegade?

Project Renegade is an open project, that takes advantage of the fact that Microsoft makes a version of Windows 10/11 for the ARM platform as well. A few laptop models in the market, including Microsoft's own Surface Pro X, runs on processors that are based on the ARM platform, instead of the typical X86 platform. What project Renegade does is that it runs a custom UEFI on the Linux kernel base of Android and runs the Windows ARM iso smoothly.
Now you might ask what if Microsoft does makes a version of windows for the ARM platform, our Phones are not powerful enough. Well, they are actually. More on this in the next segment.

How well does it run on Android Phones?

Given above is the compatibility list of the device. For now, it is supported by the Snapdragon 845 & Snapdragon 835 chipsets only, that too with some major hardware failures, such as speakers, camera & modem, but that's just for the time being. It is going to get proper drivers for all the parts that are unsupported now. The good news is, that buttons and gestures are already supported in Project Renegade.
It's just a matter of time before the developers make further progress and make it fully compatible.
And Seeing the success, Microsoft might get involved in this and give us a properly optimized phone with an altered version of windows running on it.
But for now, you'll need to use this one with a Keyboard and Mouse with the help of a USB hub.

What are the perks?

well, as an average daily driver, your phone will be useless after installing renegade-based windows on your phone, as it lacks basic features like Modem and camera. But if you are an enthusiast, and have a spare phone that supports renegade. Lucky you! you can run fairly Mid-Old games on your phone with 30fps Constant. Other than that, you can both Android and Renegade side-by-side, using different partitions. 

How to install Renegade

The Installation Process is not going to be as easy as installing a Custom ROM on your phone.
# Do this at your own risk. We don't take responsibility for your phone if it dies. 
If you still wish to proceed to installation, visit the Official Documentation  of Project Renegade.

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