Snapdragon vs Tensor vs MediaTek vs Kirin vs Bionic A15 : The King Of Chipset

Snapdragon vs Tensor vs MediaTek vs Kirin vs Bionic A15 : The King Of Chipset

Chipset Showdown: Snapdragon v/s MediaTek v/s Kirin v/s Tensor v/s Bionic A15

Mobile processors are getting so powerful these days that even AAA-quality PC games can run on a Mobile SoC. NO! I'm not joking, Microsoft does make a Windows variant for chipsets that are based on ARM Architecture, along with the usual windows that are based on X86 Architecture. The ARM version of windows is created for devices like Microsoft's own Surface Pro X laptop. And this variant if run on an Android phone with the help of project 'renegade' can actually run some AAA titles at manageable frame rates. More about this 'Windows on Android' some other day, for now, let's focus on our primary topic which is smartphone processors.
Even though the Chipsets are already this powerful, they don't stop evolving here. As the days pass, Brands like Qualcomm, MediaTek and Apple just keep improving their chipsets.
And in this ever-evolving market, there are some new Big names like Google and Huawei stepping in.
And that's exactly what we are going to cover today.
In this article, you'll find answers to questions like:

How good are these new chipsets?
Can they compete with the behemoths like MediaTek & Snapdragon?

Then at last we are going to do a quick comparison between all the Chipsets, based on overall performance. So, without any further ado, let's start 'Processing'

How good are the newcomers?

Talking about the Newcomers in the market, they'll be Huawei's kirin and Google's tensor. 
Both Google and Huawei are no small names, and when they make something, everybody gets their hopes high. But are they worth the hopes? 
Well, taking about tensor first, the Pixel 6 series was the first device to use the Tensor chip in Google's Pixel lineup. And the performance, no doubt is on par with the mainstream chipsets. But when we compare the Tensor with Snapdragon 8 gen 1, Tensor seems to lose a few points in the battle.
Coming to Kirin, the chipset stands on par with Snapdragon 888, and in the benchmarks, it just loses by a few points that I'm sure will be covered as they keep evolving towards the ultimate processing machine.

Can they compete with the behemoths like Mediatek & Snapdragon?

The simple and straight answer to that question is YES. They obviously can compete with the giants of this industry, but what it will take to be competitive is a constant evolution. And to achieve that they'll have to be innovating and making progress faster than the ones who are already established. 
Then you might have a question here, where's Exynos? Well, Samsung has already established its chipset market and even provided it with its Mid-range phones. And Exynos is not something people are not heard of. 
So, Samsung is neither a newcomer, nor a behemoth in the chipset market, but it's constantly evolving.
For Google, and Huawei to become behemoths, they'll have to surpass Samsung first.
And it's just a matter of time before they might actually do that, So for us, it's just "wait & watch"

The Benchmark wars

Apple's A15 Bionic 

  • Geekbench: 1757 / 4854
  • Antutu: 799492

Mediatek Dimensity 9000 Plus

  • Geekbench: 1341 / 4336
  • Antutu: 1112274
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Plus Gen 1
  • Geekbench: 1318 / 4190
  • Antutu: 1098720

Samsung's Exynos 2200

  • Geekbench: 1162 / 3575
  • Antutu: 946327

Google's Tensor

  • Geekbench: 1054 / 2871
  • Antutu: 727488

Huawei's Kirin 9000

  • Geekbench: 1051 / 3728
  • Antutu: 760305


Mentioned above are the Geekbench & AnTuTu score of the Best in their lineup Chipsets from every Brand. And by the results, it seems like Apple aside,, MediaTek And Snapdragon are ruling the Android smartphone chipset industry. But Exynos by Samsung seems to be keeping up with the behemoths. And cannot judge Google's tensor by just their first release, so let's give it some time and see where the market goes. Huawei's Kirin on the other hand needs to innovate faster if they want to be in the market for the long run.

Let us know what Processor do you prefer when buying a new smartphone in the comments. Do follow us on Youtube, Instagram, & Twitter to stay updated with the latest tech. We will be back with more interesting tech Updates and information. Until then, Stay Tuned.

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