One UI 5.0 Top Features in One UI 5.0 Based on Android 13

One UI 5.0 Top New Features

One UI is one of the most liked stock Android UIs out there. With all those custom animations and those extra bits of features that it provides to the users over a clean base android. And the Aesthetically pleasing looks of it works as the cherry on the cake.
With the Ever evolving stock android base, Samsung has always proved to be one of the best in the market. And to keep the process of evolution going, the brand manages to deliver amazing features in every iteration of the software. And with the release of One UI 5.0 Beta Samsung has done it again. So let's dive deep and know about what's new in it this time.

1) Custom Call Backgrounds.

     Credits: Mobiscrub

With the New OneUI 5.0, Now you can set Custom call backgrounds for every contact separately. In the previous versions of One UI, there was an option for a custom Calling screen, but that was sort of a universal custom screen that applied for all the contacts, but with the new update Now you can set up different call screens for different Contacts in your list.
In order to do that, You first need to Open the desired contact's details by clicking on their contact in the phone app, Then enter into the Edit mode, Scroll down and you'll find the option called call background.
tap on that, head to your gallery, select any image or video, hit set, and You're done.
Now you have a custom video playing under the call controls every time that contact calls you.

2) New Gestures for Freeform window and Split screen.

Credits: Mobiscrub

Navigation Gestures have always been a very important part of the whole Android Experience. If the Navigation is not fluid enough, it might end up making the whole experience of a device worse than it was. Though Samsung has always been good with fluidity and stability of the software, Innovation was much needed and this time it seems they did. With One UI 5, Now comes a new set of gestures with basic ones to make the split screen and floating window experience smooth.
You can now split an app by swiping up with two fingers while on the app, and you can set a free-form window for any by long pressing it from the recent app screen. You can get into Popup mode by swiping the app from the top right corner as well.
This made multitasking very easy and hassle-free from the software side. but still, hardware limitations will be there in cheaper devices, let's see how well they can optimize it for the mid-range Galaxy phones.

3) Improved File Search

Credits: Mobiscrub

With the new Android 13-based One UI 5, Samsung improved the file search to such an extent that now you can search terms within the files and it will find the files containing that word for you.
For example, if You search for Amazon, Now not only the files which have 'Amazon' in their names will show up, but the files like images and Pdfs containing that word will also show up in the search result.
This is like the app drawer search from Stock Android 13 where you can find in-app data in search as well but implemented inside the file management framework.

4) Scanning the text from any image

Much Like iOS Now you can scan Texts and even call on numbers given inside the image right from the gallery app.
This feature was much needed by every Android user and with companies like Samsung and Xiaomi implementing it in their software makes it way too easy to search up things on the web. Now we can just take a picture and translate any foreign language into our native. We can call numbers without having to remember them and then dial them manually on the dialer. This one feature makes the whole process seem pretty effortless and makes the workflow better and seamless.
Now Let's hope that Samsung implements it the right way.

5) Notification Controls.

Credits: Mobiscrub

Now with the new One UI 5, you get an option to select whether you want that particular app to send you notifications or not. While first opening the app after installing it from the galaxy store, or the google play store. You'll get a Pop up asking if you want that app to show notifications in the future. If you don't want to see notifications from that app, just click Don't allow and you'll be saved from the notification clutter, as well as the hassle of turning the app notifications off manually if it gets annoying.

6) Maintenance mode

Credits: Mobiscrub

Have you ever been concerned about your privacy while your phone is in the service center getting repaired? 
We all have been in a situation where all our data is in our phones and if something breaks then you need to send your phone to the service center and all your data goes with it, which puts your data at potential risk. Well, not anymore. One UI 5 comes with a special feature called Maintenance mode, which locks your data and turns the phone into a new device with only basic features and pre-installed apps working. This is a good step towards privacy protection, Here all that matters is the way they implement it. 

7) Customization changes: Material you, Lock Screen, and iOS-inspired Widget system.

Credits: Mobiscrub

The Android 13-based One UI 5 Comes with a lot more color pallets and basic colors to choose from after applying a new wallpaper on your Homescreen. Now You get 12 different color pallets based on the wallpaper colors instead of just 4 as in the last version of One UI. With the color pallets, there are new base colors and dual-toned colors as well. This makes it possible to fine-tune the theme according to our choices. With this, Now You can select a set of images to cycle between on your Lock screen. And every time you turn your phone On the wallpaper will shuffle from the chosen set. This is a kind of iOS-inspired feature as Apple introduced Custom Lockscreens in their new iOS 16 earlier this year.

Credits: Mobiscrub

Talking About iOS-inspired features, Samsung Implemented Unlimited Stacked widgets on the home screen. The Stacked widgets were already a feature so, what's new about it? you might ask.
Well, Now you can set up as many widgets as you want in one stack, all you need to do is drag a widget and drop it into the stacked widgets and it will get added to the stack.

Credits: Mobiscrub

These were all the major features that are going to arrive with the All-new One UI 5. The beta already started to roll out for some top-of-the-line Galaxy phones. Do let us know in the comments if you already got the beta build, if not then which feature you're the most excited for. Stay tuned for more such Tech Updates and News. Do follow us on YoutubeInstagram, & Twitter to stay updated with the latest tech. We will be back with more tech news and updates until then Stay Tuned.

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